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Silvia’s story: Silvia was three years old when her father died in an accident. Soon after her father’s death her mother left her with an uncle. Silvia’s uncle did not want to care for her so he brought her to a missionary friend. The missionary took her in, but struggled to feed and care for her due to financial problems. She had to stop going to school in second grade because they could no longer afford the school fees. Silvia was very disappointed because she loved school. She lost all her hope and joy. 

Around this time we started our Mercy Home. The missionary caring for Silvia heard about the home and contacted us. Silvia, the first girl to join us, brings a lot of joy to the home. She also helps other children in the home. Silvia loves to sing, dance, and learn Bible verses. Now eight years old, she is in the fourth grade and looking forward to a great future. There are millions of orphan children in India it is our hope and prayer that in the coming days we will be able to help more children like Silvia.

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