COVID-19 Relief Programs

India is devastated as COVID-19 sweeps the nation. The country's death toll surged to over 230,000. Hospitals are stretched to the breaking point as people die outside their doors due to a lack of beds, medicine, and oxygen. Many hospitals put two people per bed as they deal with the overwhelming surge, and others turn patients away.


We have lost relatives, friends, church members, and co-workers in ministry. Several of the HOMM staff and church members are recovering from COVID. Sadly, one of our widows died due to the virus.


The Indian government continues to enforce lockdowns to try to control the spread. Unfortunately, this translates to severe economic hardship. Many Indians are day laborers, and without work, people cannot support their families, leading to a humanitarian and starvation crisis. HOMM is providing food bags and medical care to families affected by COVID. So far, we have helped over 1,900 families with food bags and over 3,700 meal packages to COVID patients and their families. Immune-boosting medicine for over 1,000 people. In all, we have helped over 11,000 people during this pandemic. We continue to provide food bags and medical care to those in need.

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Pray for India

Pray for an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to all the hospitals. 

Pray for the Indian government to be proactive and caring, putting aside its partisanship and work with the healthcare sector during this crisis. 

Pray for peace and comfort for those who have lost loved ones.

Pay for those seeking medical care.

Pray for God’s intervention to stop the spread of the virus. 


We appreciate your financial support to help those in need. Thanks for your generosity and continued prayers. When you donate to the COVID-19 relief program, please mention COVID-19 relief in the comment box.