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HOMM is a ministry founded on, committed to and sustained by the power of prayer. You can be a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer. Please pray that God will provide the funding to continue this ministry as we reach the unreached and serve the underserved. 


Countless children have been abandoned because their parents have died, couldn’t afford to feed them or simply did not want them anymore. 


- Pray for the orphans of India that they will have a place to live.


- Pray for God’s provision and protection in their lives.


Many women and widows are treated unjustly and neglected by family and society.

- Pray that widows would know that they are valued.

- Pray for the financial provision and protection of widows. 

Those with Leprosy

Individuals affected by leprosy are generally abandoned, refused community resources and isolated from society.


- Pray these people would experience the love of Christ. 


- Pray that God would raise up people to care and love them. 

Those with Disabilities

There are millions of people with mental and physical disabilities, who are unwanted by society and rejected by their families.


- Pray that these people will find a safe and loving place to live. 


- Pray for God's physical, mental and emotional healing.

Healthcare Ministry

Every year thousands of people die without getting proper medical care.


- Pray that through this ministry many people would receive care and healing. 

- Pray for financial provision to buy the medicine.

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Educational Programs 

There are millions of children who don't have the opportunity to go to school due to poverty.


- Pray that underprivileged children will have an opportunity to receive basic education.


- Pray that these children will have an opportunity to know Christ. 

Missionaries & Believers

Missionaries risk their lives carrying the gospel to the unreached. When someone accepts Christ they are often persecuted by their family and society.


- Pray for God to raise up new missionaries.


- Ask God to protect the missionaries, new believers, and their families. 

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Unreached People Groups

There are millions of people waiting to hear the Good News of Christ's love. 

- Pray that God would pour out His Spirit on the unreached people of India.


- Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts and minds of Indians to receive Christ.

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