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Leprosy Ministry

In 2015 HOMM started a church ministry in Gujarat, a northern state of India with a local pastor and his family.  They were informed of a leprosy colony near the city. Individuals affected by leprosy are generally abandoned and prevented from accessing community resources such as food, water, education, employment and transportation. Their only way of getting provision is by begging on the streets. Our pastor and several church members visited the leprosy colony of 28 families and saw a great need. Nearly all of the individuals interviewed in the colony shared that there was not enough food to eat.

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HOMM started to distribute monthly food bags to each family in the colony. Each bag provides basic nutrition such as rice and lentils. Through these monthly meetings, relationships have formed and as a result, several individuals in the colony voiced interest in hearing more about Christ. Currently, more than 40 people meet weekly for prayer and worship. They experience God's love and are finding hope for the future.

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