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Mercy Homes

The millions of orphans in India who are caught in bonded labor are not just numbers or statistics—they are real children. Parents across India, especially those in underdeveloped villages struggle to provide for their families. Children grow up illiterate, uneducated and are taught that they are worthless.​

HOMM currently maintains two boys’ homes and one girls’ home serving more than 40 children. Many of these children were neglected and never had an opportunity to go to school. With your generous donations, HOMM is able to help these children find hope and realize that they are loved and highly valued. In each Mercy Home, HOMM provides food, clothing, housing, healthcare, music lessons and education. ​

Each child is given the opportunity to experience Christ in their life. Some of our older children are already leading worship during Sunday services. Our prayer is that each one of these children will know and live the love of Christ and follow Him for the rest of their lives. Today you can make a difference by supporting HOMM.

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