Projects Completed

Clean Water for a Village: In India, millions of people across the country still live without access to clean drinking water. HOMM was able to dig a well that will provide clean drinking water for more than 35 families in a rural village.

Home for Widows: This is the first building HOMM constructed for widows. The building is used to provide widows a home like environment.

Mercy Home for Boys: Currently we have 10 boys living in this home getting love and care from our amazing staff. 

Church Building: This church was built in a village where HOMM has a missionary working. Now over 100 people attend this church.


Widows' Home: This bulding provides a home for 10 widows.


Church Building: This church was built in 2018. The building provides space for over 150 people to come together and worship the Lord.  

Church Building: The church was growing and they needed a bigger place to worship. We were able to build this place for them. Now around 100 people are attending this church and growing in the Lord. 

Girls Home for the Disabled: We were able to construct this building for the disabled home. Currently, it provides a loving home for 15 girls. 

Physical Therapy Building: The disabled home was in need of a physical therapy building. We were able to build this space for them to grow and develop. 

Orphanage Building: HOMM donated this building to a mission organization that cares for orphans in South India.

Church Building: This church was built in 2017. The building provides space for over 100 people to come together and worship the Lord.


Tuition Center: This education center was built in 2018, It provides education for over 30 students.

Future Projects & Goals

HOMM continues to grow. Below are a few of the projects and ministries we are planning for in the future.

  • In the next five years, train and send 200 missionaries to plant churches among the unreached.

  • Purchase land and new building for two of our orphanages.

  • Develop a space in India for a permanent HOMM office and campus.

  • Start a clinic for people who don’t have access to healthcare.

  • Construct places of worship as new churches are planted by our missionaries.


HOMM is open to what God wants to do through this ministry. We are not limited to future projects and goals. We will use every opportunity to reach the unreached and to serve the underserved. If you have any questions, please