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Karishma’s new life: Like many of the children who come to our home she wears a sad, distant expression that tells of the abuse and neglect she has lived through. Karishma doesn’t have parents and lived for a while with her grandfather, who was old and unable to care for her. Karishma was sent to work in people’s homes to earn a little food. The grandfather’s health worsened recently and he wished to send her to an orphanage. When he learned about the Mercy Home, he brought Karishma to us.  Now Karishma is surrounded by people who love her and has clothes to wear, food to eat and is going to school. She is slowly adjusting, and we pray for her heart to heal.  We have seen this transformation happen for many of our children and look forward to the day when we see light in her eyes and joy in her smile. 

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