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A chance to dream again: Srishti comes from east Sikkim, a northeastern state of India. She is 11 years old. Srishti’s father died when she was very young due to alcoholism. Soon after his death Srishti’s mother left her with her grandmother and never returned. With the help of family, friends and neighbors they cared for her the best they could. The grandmother eventually became sick and was no longer able to look after Srishti. She decided to send her off to be a house maid. Her future would have been in someone’s kitchen cooking and cleaning with no education or hope. 


Just as she was to be sent off, one of our missionaries heard about Shristi and spoke to the grandmother about HOMM’s Mercy Home for girls. The grandmother was elated, “I have found heaven for Shristi!” She now has a family and sisters who love and care for her. Her dream of attending an English Medium school has come true and she has devoted herself to her studies. Shristi tells us her new dream is to become a school teacher and help other children.  

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