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A witch now proclaims the gospel: Babita grew up in a Hindu family worshiping many gods. Her home was next to a Hindu temple and at a very young age she was taught and practiced witchcraft in the temple. People started believing that Babita had supernatural power to do miracles; others believed she was a Hindu Goddess. Many people came to the temple to receive healing and answers for their problems. Hundreds came for worship and deliverance. Most came because they were afraid that she could put a curse on them. Babita made a lot of money through witchcraft and whenever she had the opportunity she persecuted Christians.


Last year one of HOMM’s pastors visited her house and shared the Gospel with her. Babita was very interested to hear about a God who is more powerful than her.  The pastor invited her to church. One Sunday she came, God opened her heart and she accepted Christ into her life. Babita’s family and villagers tried to turn her from Christ, some even tried to kill her, but she stood firm in her relationship with Christ.


With the Lord’s help Babita has led her whole family to the Lord. Instead of practicing witchcraft, she now preaches the Good News to the people in her village. Through her ministry many now believe in Christ. The transforming power of the Gospel can change everyone! 

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