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Devoted Hindu becomes a pastor: David was born and brought up in a devout Hindu family.  In the 1980s, his mother suddenly became sick and no one was able to determine the cause. The Hindu priests told David that their family god did not favor them, and that his mother would die in a few days time. Upon hearing this, the whole family became very discouraged and lost all hope. 

During this time, David’s neighbor told him that if he believed, Christ would heal his mother. The neighbor also gave him a gospel tract. One day David was reading the tract to his mother and praying to Jesus, and she was suddenly healed. His family stopped all Hindu rituals; they had found God’s peace and joy. 


As David learned and grew in the Lord he shared his faith with others in the village. Now David is a pastor working with HOMM and serving the Lord in his own village. Through his ministry many people have accepted Christ. 

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